A karaoke system in a nutshell

A karaoke system in a nutshell

There’s a huge variety of specially designed devices that the same specific need of many karaoke fans. Karaoke in itself has become one of the most joyful and wanted ways to spend a weekend afternoon. Nowadays, specialized systems are installed in karaoke clubs, bars and restaurants, coffee-rooms, baths, other leisure venues, offices, kindergartens and schools. Some of those solutions can be used at outdoor events: corporate parties, folk fests, etc. For those who prefer family parties, various vendors have developed a huge range of home karaoke systems, and players. So what are different types of modern karaoke solutions?

A karaoke system is a special device that plays particular type of files — karaoke tracks. The tracks are audio records with no vocals. Another devices feature is the ability to display song lyrics on a special screen. Depending on the class and vendor’s specialization, karaoke systems may differ drastically in terms of assembly, functionality, interface and sound.

The karaoke machine types

Karaoke players

Karaoke players and specialized consoles make affordable but the least popular options for amateur singers. They lack licensed song databases, professional sound and their functionality is limited. In most cases, devices of that kind run CDs, USB Flash storage, memory cards containing files in MIDI format.

Usually low-cost players can hardly meet expectations of true karaoke fans. Many of those products can’t boast of basic features modern karaoke have: high-class equipment/audio presets, sound effects and the ability to record user performances. For a modern consumer, using a karaoke player with poor-quality MIDI-songs is taking a trip down memory lane, nothing more.

Караоке проигрыватель

Enthusiast-grade karaoke systems

Mid-price karaoke machines lack their own licensed song databases as well. However, they offer wider choice of track formats. So their owners can add tracks from DVD collections, YouTube channels or previously downloaded files into song databases.

For voice processing, enthusiast-grade devices often use only the echo effect. For microphones and tracks, the least customization abilities are provided. Changing the frequency pitch shifting/song tempo and performance recording are not available for mid-price system owners. At best, enthusiasts get just basic set of performance customization tools. A rating system is often based on text reading rather than following the rhythm.

Professional-grade karaoke systems

A modern pro-grade karaoke system is a reliable, fully-equipped and multifunctional device with an impressive licensed song database. All system components are always of high quality to comply with world standards. In other words, with a pro-grade karaoke machine, you can get the best sound and enjoy performance non-stop.

A track base of a pro karaoke system can hold tens of thousands of songs including MIDI files, backing tracks, etc. For example, the Studio Evolution song catalog contains karaoke tracks in Lite format for amateur performers, tracks in Pro format, converted from the original songs, and world hits in CD + G format. In addition, a large base of official clips Studio Evolution systems can boast of, can make karaoke parties even more enjoyable and memorable.

Unlike enthusiast-grade karaoke machines and players, professional karaoke systems deal with the legitimate content. All songs Studio Evolution systems use are protected by copyright, as the vendor enters into a formal agreement with copyright holders, music/lyrics authors. A huge amount of world hits in various genres ​​ensure that every karaoke fan can create his/her own repertoire. An instant song search including wide range of search options (by name, artist and lyrics) contributes to building the best user experience.

Premium-class karaoke systems have a full range of features. Assembling, configuring and using: every single step of building of your Studio Evolution systems is easy with detailed guides and user-friendly interface. You can control a professional karaoke system with a remote control, tablet or smartphone.

With a professional Studio Evolution device, you can sing your favorite song and record the performance. High-Ql modulations allow you to change the tone and tempo without distortion and loss of quality. Also, you can customize microphone and voice processing settings to make them suit your taste. To get the best sound quality, you can connect a mixing console, high-end speaker system and better microphones (wired or wireless) to your pro-grade karaoke machine.

Not least, companies developing pro-grade karaoke machines usually offer the same professional support services based on a sensible CRM strategy. Studio Evolution company is not an exception! We provide monthly song database and software updates, offer promotions and make customer-oriented events such as the Evolution Home HD upgrade or Trade-In campaign.

Professional-grade home karaoke systems

With an A-class karaoke system, you can turn a home party into a true musical performance. The professional home system developed by the Studio Evolution is a multi-feature device for a real karaoke fiesta.
A track base of the home karaoke system is full of surprise your guests will appreciate, for sure: the latest hits, songs matching any mood, tunes for children, and songs for duet performance. To sing along together, you can easily connect 4 microphones to the Evolution Compact HD karaoke system and customize settings/vocal effects for each one of them!

The owners of professional Studio Evolution karaoke systems can sing their favorite songs in Full HD format and record performances in the same HD quality using a webcam. With the Media Center function and 4 TB of RAM, the Evolution Compact HD karaoke system allows you to watch official clips, movies, TV series, your own performances.

The space-saving Evolution Lite2 karaoke system can be used both for a flat or a VIP room in your leisure venue. This karaoke system will definitely “strike” you with its sound! As for the updated version of the Evolution Lite2, it offers a comprehensive set of tools for professional backing sound check, microphone and voice processing effects customization. Like other Studio Evolution karaoke systems, the compact Evolution Lite2 fits perfectly into the interior; it is quickly and easily updated online and can be controlled with a remote control or mobile device.

Professional-grade karaoke systems for business

A high-quality karaoke system is a true must-have for any well-worth leisure venue. Karaoke club/bar visitors seeking bright emotions often get used to visit good places with healthful atmosphere. And it’s not just the sound quality or track format, we can tell you that!

The Evolution Pro2 karaoke system, widely known as the best professional system for specialized establishments, can surprise performers with many innovative features including great vocal effects, high-Q tone changes, videoke and Full HD karaoke, backing tracks and playlists for regulars. The SmartScoring system makes it easy to rate performance and even set up a true karaoke battle.

The EvoClub mobile apps created for establishments featuring Evolution Pro2 systems have changed the way of having fun for modern karaoke parties. Club visitors can search for their favorite songs in special catalogs, request songs with a single click, create a list of favorite tracks, track the list of performance and even chat with other visitors.

From now on, the owners of karaoke clubs can forget about cumbersome paper catalogs and ease the work of a KJ. Other useful feature include a “blacklist” for unwanted songs, statistics of all the songs performed and an opportunity to display a club logo on a device screen.

Все караоке системы от Studio Evolution

For businesses and amateur performers, Studio Evolution karaoke systems offer:

  • superior audio and video quality
  • huge base of professional karaoke tracks
  • user-friendly interface
  • easy-to-manage utility
  • full set of useful features
  • neat design
  • regular online updates
  • official warranty and many other things

Every single Studio Evolution device is a combination of the best components, innovative technologies and useful features. In fact, our professional karaoke systems are designed to make life a bit brighter for all karaoke fans.