Идеальное звучание с аудиосистемой EvoSound

The EvoSound is a perfect audio system for your home karaoke complex

When it comes to karaoke sound quality, it largely depends not only on the system itself, but also on other parts that build the karaoke complex. They are an audio system and microphones. A relevant audio system will make your home karaoke machine sound in a new, better way.

After many years of research, we discovered that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fit-all audio system for home karaoke systems.


Modern home cinema sound bars are not designed to be full-on karaoke players. As a result, they often let karaoke fans down with sound delays and background noise during periods of peak demand. Professional audio systems designed for studio or club events, can boast of high sound quality. However, due to their size, complex functionality and pretty high price, they hardly make the best choice for home installations.

The Studio Evolution’s goal was to come up with a karaoke audio system combining the sound quality of professional machines, both enhanced and user-friendly functionality, and stylish design.

Meet the first-of-it-kind sound bar, which is perfect for your home karaoke parties and has a great sound quality!

The EvoSound is a stylish and functional karaoke audio system consisting of a sound bar and a subwoofer. With the EvoSound, every user will enjoy the natural “deep” sound of favorite music and movies!

The official set includes karaoke sound bar SE • 1200 SB and subwoofer SE • 08 SW

The sound bar SE • 1200 SB is a device with 14 speakers that create surround sound that expands 270 degrees in the horizontal plane. 10 speakers on the front panel, make your karaoke complex’ sound more powerful and deeper; 2 upper speakers and 2 speakers at the ends faces stand for better sound arrangement.

Караоке саундбар EvoSound вид спереди
The SE • 08 SW subwoofer is an 8-inch 150 W speaker.
The total power of the EvoSound audio system is 450 W. It is a perfect choice for big home parties for 20+ people. You can adjust the volume of the EvoSound depending on the parameters of your room: the maximum value is “80”, the default setting for the soundbar is “60”.
Сабвуфер EvoSound

A best-in-class home karaoke complex

The EvoSound karaoke sound bar was created with Evolution karaoke systems in mind; it easily copes with peak loads while playing your favorite songs and produces the deep, clear sound without “whistles,” “wheezing” and other noises. You can switch between karaoke modes in a click, adjust the microphone volume and control Reverb effects directly from the sound bar.

The EvoSound is easy to connect and control. With a single click of a remote control button, you can turn on the karaoke sound bar or switch it to work mode from a power-saving standby mode. The preparations for your performance will take a few quick seconds!


Enjoy listening to your favorite music and watching 4K movies

The EvoSound is your stereo system and home cinema!


Connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the karaoke sound bar via Bluetooth and turn on your favorite music


Listen to the best-quality music stored on an SD card


Connect a laptop or set-top box to the HDMI sound bar and play games, watch 4K movies, local TV shows or record your performances in HD


The sound bar can be used as a switch for two HDMI inputs and the HDMI ARC connector. It allows you to play the sound that comes from a TV-set through a cable connected to the ARC connector


Connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device to the AUX connector and enjoy the perfect sound of your favorite music and movies!

Саундбар EvoSound в интерьере дома

A stylish solution for your home

Nice-looking and compact, the EvoSound audio system fits perfectly into any modern interior. Designed in two color schemes, the EvoSound allows you to choose a solution to your taste: white or black varnished audio system will be a bright “add-on” to your home karaoke complex.

аудиосистема evosound black

аудиосистема evosound white

The EvoSound Price

The price of the EvoSound audio system is 75000 russian rubles

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