Приложение Evoclub для управления караоке-системой

An EvoClub user series system in your club: how to set up?

The EvoClub is:


An innovative service both the staff and clients of your karaoke club can use. It allows to search and request clients’ favorite songs via club smartphone or tablet.


Integrated software makes the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system a real boon for KJs. It makes it easy to process client requests on the karaoke system itself or club tablet.

Логотип Evoclub Admin
Логотип Evoclub Guest
Логотип Evoclub User

KJ App

Club Guest App

Club Guest App

Allows to process customer requests and chat with clients via mobile devices.

Is installed on a KJ’s iPad

Club visitors can use special mobile devices to search and request tracks online.

Is installed on a karaoke club tablet

Electronic track catalog providing club visitors with an opportunity to request karaoke songs online.

Is installed on a client’s smartphone

A guide on how to set up EvoClub admin and guest series karaoke systems

Follow the link to download the guide available on our official website (see pages: 1-84).

Also, the Evolution Pro2 kit includes the user guide.

How to set up an EvoClub user series karaoke system?

First, your clients need to download the EvoClub user series app from the App Store (iOS 9.3 version or higher is required) or Google Play (Android 4.4 version or higher is required).

In order to connect and configure the application, the client needs to:

  1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Register: enter your name, a valid email address and secure password
  3. Confirm your EvoClub account by following a special link in a message sent to the provided email address
  4. In the application menu, select the line EVOCLUB, click on the Next button and connect to the selected karaoke system
  5. Enter PIN code set up for the karaoke system. You can view and edit PIN code under the Evo Club tab on the KJ screen
  6. Specify table number

This is it! Your Guest App is ready to go.

Let your clients know about the main features of the EvoClub app

  • User-friendly electronic catalog that allows to search tracks by title, artist name, lyrics, genre or language
  • An opportunity to request tracks in a click
  • An option to customize the song tone and tempo before singing
  • The electronic catalog can be used outside the karaoke club. Also, it allows to create a personal list of your favorite songs

Modern karaoke is getting more joyful and user-friendly with the EvoClub!