Идеальная караоке система для дома

What home karaoke system is right for you?

The once-popular home DVD players are history these days. Modern home karaoke systems are professional devices that can boast of really wide option range, high-quality sound and impressive song bases. Those systems can easily turn a home party into a music fiesta.

The question is, what specification should you consider to choose a home karaoke system that fits your requirements the best?

#1 The sound quality and the amount of available tracks

First of all, when choosing a home karaoke system, check its audio capacity. Generally, an average low-cost device is far from perfect and has pretty low “track stock.” As for A-class systems, they get more refined and advanced year on year.

When it comes to audio capacity, professional home karaoke systems are just as good as club devices. The base of songs they hold can surprise even the most picky users. For example, the Evolution Lite2 and the Evolution Compact HD karaoke systems include more than 35 000 tracks!

In addition, the Evolution home karaoke systems contains more than 4 000 video clips and over 12 000 PRO songs. Full of sound, full of music. The real sound allows you to organize true musical performances without even leaving home!

Каталог караоке песен

The high-quality frequency modulation used by the Evolution products makes it possible for you to discover and perform really broad range of songs. The options offered by the karaoke systems allow you to smoothly change song tone and tempo, so the “hard notes” will no longer be a problem.

#2 A true family product

A modern karaoke system should be easy-to-use for every member of your family. So, if you’re about to purchase a home karaoke system, make sure it goes with an understandable user guide and has enough mic channels.

All Evolution series products are provided with a user-friendly guide in Russian, so even a child can install and configure the karaoke system.

Two microphones can be connected to the Evolution Lite2 karaoke system. The Evolution Compact HD system is powerful enough to serve four karaoke fans at the same time! For every microphone, you can set individual volume configurations and select different sound effects.

Singing a duet or a sing-along can be full of joy with a good home karaoke system.

девочка с караоке

In the largest legal base of karaoke tracks of the Evolution systems, every guest of yours or family member can find a couple of favorite songs. In addition to classic hits and popular novelties, the catalog contains a large number of children’s songs, rock ballads, movie themes, etc.

Once a month, the catalog is updated with more than a hundred popular karaoke tracks. That means, you are free to choose the latest hits to enjoy your very own karaoke parties. A “smart” performance rating system provides room for a home karaoke contest full of excitement. After all, everyone wants to get the best score!

#3 Main features a professional karaoke system must have

Настройка темпа и тона в караоке системе

Modern karaoke systems give you an opportunity to get a studio-quality record of your performance. Change the tone and tempo, use equalizer and different sound effects. The Evolution Lite2 system offers 1 Reverb effect and 1 Delay (echo) effect. The Evolution Compact HD in turn gives you 3 types of Delay, 3 types of Reverb and a compressor function for every single microphone.

All the records you make you can play on the karaoke system or save them to a removable USB drive. Also, you can use an external webcam to make a video clip by combining the “picture” with a high-quality audio record. That will add some extra points to your talent.

#4 Multi-task capability

Функция медиацентр в караоке-системах Evolution

A professional karaoke system will never gather dust if its functionality is not limited to playing karaoke tracks. Nowadays, some home karaoke systems can easily replace media centers. In the background, they can play videos, show photos/images, play your favorite music and movies in Full HD.

So, the built-in memory of the Evolution series products allows you to download and watch even long-running/ongoing TV series in the highest quality. The general drive capacity of the Evolution Lite2 system is 1 terabyte; for the Evolution Compact HD it is 4 TB.

#5 It’s easy to use

Устройства для управления караоке системой

With a high-quality karaoke device singing at home is full of joy and comfort. To choose the right karaoke system, give its interface a try to make sure it’s user-friendly. Also, don’t forget to check out remote and alternative controls.

In addition to the remote control that is included, you can control a professional karaoke system via your tablet or smartphone. For the Evolution series products, special apps were developed: the EvoControl and the EvoNet. Those apps are designed to facilitate searching for songs and make the system management as handy as possible.

Download Evoconrol on iTunes
iPad (Evocontrol)


Download EvoControl on Google Play
Android планшеты (EvoControl)


Download EvoNet on iTunes
iPhone (EvoNet)


Download EvoNet on Google Play
Android (EvoNet)


The electronic catalog allows you to find a song by title, artist name, and even a line from its lyrics in no time. Tracks added to the “favorites” list, will be always at hand. This will save some of your time when choosing right musical atmosphere.

Just like karaoke system interface, your personal account is intuitive. An understandable guide makes it easy for any user to configure the karaoke device and fully exploit its capabilities.

#6 Fine design

дизайн системы-караоке

Without a doubt, a modern karaoke system should harmonize with the room interior. At the same time, the device should be compact enough to save space. In this regard, the Evolution Lite2 system is a true record holder. It is so compact and elegant that it is can be a nice decoration of a bookshelf.

The Evolution Compact HD consists of two parts: a karaoke system and an audio interface. Both parts look stylish and make a nice-looking unit. In addition, this compact karaoke system can be used as a Wi-Fi access point for your family and guests.

Home karaoke system is not only a way to have fun for amateur singers. Scientists state that karaoke is one of the best cures to reduce stress.

Karaoke helps children and adults to develop their musical talents and get over the stage fright. After all, that joyful and peaceful feeling you get from singing the favorite songs at home provides quite a special experience.

Last but not least, the latest karaoke systems offer a huge base of professional music tracks, high-quality performance records, excellent video/audio quality to your family and friends.

семейное домашнее караоке