Преимущества EvoClub для караоке-клуба

What are the pros of the EvoClub system for a karaoke club owner?

Both a club owner and its staff will benefit from using EvoClub applications providing high-class services to karaoke fans


No more need to deal with paper catalogues


Twice as many happy customers succeeded in requesting AND singing their favorite songs


A KJ doing his/her job with a great pleasure

The Evoclub is an innovative service specially designed for your karaoke club. It has every feature your customers may need to feel like home and have a really good time.

An up-to-date digital catalogue, computerized track requesting and an opportunity for a KJ to chat with club visitors — with the EvoClub your leisure venue has every chance of getting the most visited spot around.

The EvoClub: a cutting-edge service for your karaoke club

The free EvoClub software allows you to build an integrated network including the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system, club tablets and/or customers’ smartphones.

For karaoke fans using the advantage of the app, there’s no need to deal with outdated paper catalogues or ambush a KJ to request a song. A KJ in turn could focus on his/her job with no need to walk between tables taking song requests. So, long story short, every single karaoke party can turn into a real Thus, karaoke parties turn into a big and happy event!

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Leave paper catalogues behind: they’re history

EvoClub User каталог в приложении
EvoClub User любимые песни

Every customer of yours can access the most recent song catalogue using the EvoClub User app installed on his/her smartphone or the EvoClub Guest app on the club’s tablet. There’s no more need for you to order or print massive catalogues, care bulk directories, care about their condition, paste pages with the latest updates in the right order or re-print the entire directories. As for your clients, from now on, they don’t need to line up for the song catalog in the middle of a party and flip pages to find a song to request.

Track search comes easy with a digital song catalogue

Using a specific app, karaoke fans will be able to find tracks they like by genre, title, artist name, language or even lyrics lines. Moreover, the catalogue offers really wide range of classic and new hits to your customers which means even the most picky customers have a chance to find a song or two to choose from. And not only that! With the EvoClub app, every club visitor can create a list of favorites to leave more time for having fun.

Guest request made via EvoClub appear on a special screen in no time

Your KJ can chuck his/her clipboard away as there’s no more need to navigate between guest tables accepting song requests. Moreover, there’s no need to listen to karaoke fans yelling over loud music and flip a paper catalogue for tracks in question.

The EvoClub User provides your customers with an opportunity to send song requests in a click. A KJ will get them right away.

If there’s some hard work related to karaoke requests, leave it to the EvoClub. The system is smart enough to let your KJ focus on his/her duties. As for karaoke fans, they will won’t feel the difference. In the nicest possible way.

The EvoClub makes it possible to process more customer requests per night

Quick track search feature provides your customers with a chance to sing more songs, get back and do it again! The reason is, with the EvoClub app karaoke game is a lot of fun. A list of favorite songs every karaoke fan can expand on his/her own will remind people of a really good time. What does it mean to you? Lots of visits turned into a good tradition, that’s for sure!

Let visitors of your club know that leisure time in a karaoke house can be full of happy emotions that may become really good memories in due time.

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