Specifications and equipment EVOBOX

The EVOBOX karaoke kit

The EVOBOX home karaoke system is gift-wrapped and comes in a branded box. To eliminate transportation damage risk, EVOBOX comes complete with a transport box.

Комплектация EVOBOX

What’s in the box?

Караоке-система EVOBOX

The EVOBOX karaoke system

Bluetooth ПДУ

Bluetooth remote

Аудио кабели RCA-RC, 2 шт.

RCA-RC audio cables, 2 pc.

Кабель HDMI

HDMI cable

Блок питания

Power supply

Батарейки АА, 2 шт

АА batteries, 2 pc.

Руководство пользователя

User manual

EVOBOX track/clip database

1800 отечественных песен в формате Pro

TOP 1800 homegrown songs

200 зарубежных песен в формате Pro

TOP 200 overseas songs

100 любых песен из каталога Evolution доступны для бесплатной загрузки

100 songs from
the Evolution catalog
can be downloaded for free

Song Base

In EVOBOX, we have implemented the option to purchase any song from the complete EVOLUTION karaoke catalog at a fixed price.

EVOBOX Specifications and equipment

EVOBOX color schemes



EVOBOX черный



EVOBOX серебро



EVOBOX рубин



EVOBOX графит



EVOBOX океан



EVOBOX золото

Dimensions and weight
of the karaoke system

Габариты и вес устройства

Height, mm: 49
Width, mm: 198
Length, mm: 198
Weight, g: 870

System control(s)

Bluetooth remote

Mobile applications

Download on iTunes
for iPhone
Download on Google Play
for Android
Download on iTunes
for iPad
Download on Google Play
for Android

Casing material

Anodized aircraft grade aluminum

Audio inputs

Microphone inputs: Balanced TRS 6.3 (Jack) (5), 2 pc.
Maximum microphone input gain: 32.5 dB
Maximum input amplitude: +0.14 dBu (0.788Vrms)
Input signal/noise ratio: -95.9 dB (A-weighted)
Dynamic range: 95.7 dB
Harmonic distortion + noise: 0.0011%
Bandwidth: (+/- 0.5 dB) 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Cross-channel penetration: -95.3 dB
Input resistance: 25 kOhm
Audio ADC: Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK5703

Audio outputs

Stereo outputs: RCA (6), 2pc.
Input signal/noise ratio: 99.3 dB (A-weighted)
Dynamic range: 99.4 dB
Harmonic distortion + noise: 0.005%
Bandwidth: (+/- 0.5 dB) 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Cross-channel penetration: -98.3 dB
Maximum output amplitude: +4.7 dBu 1.34Vrms)
Output resistance: 470 Ohm
Audio DAC: Cirrus Logic CS4345


The maximum screen resolution: 4K UHD (3840 х 2160)

Supported file formats

Video: MOV, AVI, MP4, MKV
Audio: WAV, OGG, MP3
Graphic: PNG, JPG, JPEG
Karaoke: EK2

Connectors and Interfaces

Wi-Fi 802.11ac.; Two ranges: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy
HDMI 2.0 (2)
USB Type-A (4), 2 pc.
Gigabit LAN (RJ45) (3)
Power Connector (1)


Type: SSD
Capacity: 120 GB


Processor: Quad-Core Cortex-A53
Graphics and multimedia processors: Mali-T820 MP3 GPU


Power supply: 12V/5A
Power consumption: 24 W
Temperature range: 0-50 ºC
Transport box size, mm: 313×124×316

75000 RUB
Price karaoke system