Specification and grades

Evolution Lite2 Basic Specification

Миниатюра Lite2

Karaoke system
«Evolution Lite2» 
– 1 pcs.

Пульт ДУ для Lite2

Remote control
1 pcs.

Блок питания

Power adapter
1 pcs.

Wi Fi антенны для Lite2

Wi-Fi antenna
2 pcs.

Кабель HDMI

HDMI cable
1 pcs.

Аудио кабели Lite2

Audio cables
RCA-RCA – 2 pcs.

Lite format songs for Evolution Lite2

Thousands of songs in Lite format

Песни в формате PRO
Thousands of songs in Pro format
CDG songs for Lite2

Thousands of songs in CDG format

Смотрите видео на Lite2

A huge number of original video clips for «Evolution Lite2 Plus»

Linux Evolution

Linux Evolution Operating System

Evolution Lite22019 price

* basic set with full Lite format song baseand TOP-1000 Pro format songs

руб. 120000
russian rubles
Evolution Lite22019 Plus* price

* full Lite & Pro format song base, the optimal number of original video clips

руб. 170000
russian rubles
Evolution Lite22019 Premium* price

* song base like for Pro2 system + almost all regional song packages, 2 TB hard disk

руб. 220000
russian rubles
Making an application to purchase Evolution Lite2 2019

*обязательные поля для заполнения

Evolution Compact HD

Evolution Compact HDView

Evolution Pro2

Evolution Pro2View

Evolution Home HD

Evolution Home HDView