Comparative characteristics Evolution Pro2

Comparative characteristics of the karaoke systems «Evolution» for club

Karaoke System Evolution Pro2 Evolution Pro
Cost, 250000 Out of production
Online update Yes No
Additional packages of songs Yes No
Microphone inputs 2
(by using the microphone preamplifier EPA4)
Digital vocal processing Yes
EQ, compressor, 3 Reverb, 3 Delay
Real time recording Yes No
Audio DAC PCM1792 AKM AK4358
Input audio signal standards Analogue: TRS 6.3 balanced/ unbalanced – 2 pcs. (by using the microphone preamplifier EPA4) No
Output audio signal standards

Analogue: TRS 6.3 balanced – 2 pcs.,


Analogue: TRS 6.3 balanced – 2 pcs.
Output video signal standards HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite (5 pcs.) HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite (5 pcs.)
Full HD karaoke support Yes No
Control Keyboard + Mouse, iPad / Android-devices (for EvoClub) Keyboard + Mouse
“EvoClub” system Yes No
Wi-Fi No
Connecting via the users router
Hard disc capacity 2 ТБ 1 ТБ
Optical drive No DVD
USB 2.0, 3.0 2.0
Upload of statistics to accounting systems (1С Enterprise™, R-Keeper™ etc.) Yes No
Player for background music Yes No
“Black List” of songs or artists Yes No
Assessment of quality of performance Yes
SmartScoring (automatic) and ManualScoring (manually)
ManualScoring (manually)
Operating system Linux Evolution Windows
Dimensions (WxHxD), mm 427x148x398 427x148x398
Weight, kg 11 11


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Promo! Club gift: when you buy/trade-in Evolution Pro2, the Club update package is a gift!
*until August 31, 2019, karaoke systems is limite

Evolution Pro2 price – 250000 RUB

 Evolution Pro2 Karaoke system EN

Do you have an Evolution Pro or a Lite karaoke system? Make a profitable exchange of it for an Evolution Pro2.
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