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Пакет обновлений для караоке систем Evolution

Try out a new update package for professionals of karaoke business — «Club» from «Studio Evolution»


27th September

For institutions with karaoke system Evolution Pro2 we created our new package «Club» – this is the best package for karaoke clubs that are keeping up with the times, and visitors who have long wanted to be able to perform trending songs right after their premiere.

“Club” Update Package Price – 30000 russian rubles  
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Ordering of the Update Package


With the package «Club» karaoke in your institution becomes the best entertainment for fans of trendy songs:


  • New hits are available for your karaoke system several times a week
  • During the month you download 100 songs as they are released
  • Visitors to your karaoke club can sing the most popular new songs before anyone else
  • Convenient notifications of available updates are displayed for the sound engineer
  • Simply and quickly download new songs from the update
  • As before, this is the most profitable update package with quality karaoke songs.


Users who have connected the package «1 year» till September 28, will be automatically switched to the package «Club» and until the end of the package will receive new hits several times a week, as they are released.

More information about our new Club update package can be found in our blog.

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Ordering of the Update Package