Караоке система Evolution Home HD версия 2.0

Upgrade your Evolution Home HD karaoke system to Home HD 2.0

There’s now a real opportunity for owners of the Evolution Home HD karaoke systems to upgrade their machines and get:


Expanded functionality


New interface


Better choice of the latest hits

All the modern features that Evolution Compact HD karaoke system can boast of, are now available for your Evolution Home HD.
Интерфейс управления караоке системой
  • New stylish and user-friendly interface
  • 6 new voice effects: 3 reverb and 3 echo adjusting levels
  • An opportunity to record and play your performances
  • Objective rating system enabled by the modern “smartscoring” technology
  • Combined Wi-Fi connection: client/access point
  • EvoNet and EvoControl applications for easy control via remote control, iPad, iPhone, or an Android portable device
Download Evoconrol
iPad (Evocontrol)


Download EvoControl
Android tablets (EvoControl)
Download EvoNet
iPhone (EvoNet)


Download EvoNet
Android (EvoNet)


The updated version of the Evolution Home HD can turn your leisure into a true karaoke fest.

Evolution Home HD v2.0: cost-efficient upgrade!

A comprehensive upgrade of the Evolution Home HD karaoke system includes a software update, a song database update, and part replacement (if necessary). 80% of the update price is the Yesterday service pack that allows to upgrade the karaoke directory of your system to the latest version.

With the Evolution Home HD v2.0, you can enjoy singing popular songs and the latest hits. As a result, you have every chance to expand your “top fave” songs.

How to upgrade your Evolution Home HD karaoke system to version 2.0?
Evolution Home HD

1. Apply for the upgrade

2. Send us your karaoke system as a standard complete set* in good condition**

*Includes remote control, remote control switch, etc.
**If there’s a possible malfunction, we could run a diagnostic on your karaoke machine and repair it (fees apply).

Get the latest karaoke system via “replacement”

If you have Evolution Home HD karaoke machine in your club, cafe or restaurant, feel free to use the advantage of “karaoke system replacement” service.

Usually, it takes 2-7 days to upgrade the Home HD device to version 2.0. But in the meantime, a temporary Evolution series device will amuse your regular and new clients.