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Why does a good-quality karaoke system cost so much?

“It’s much cheaper to fix your own karaoke system!”

It’s a shame but many modern “handymen” still jump to the aforementioned conclusion when they first face the reality about high-Q karaoke device prices. But only a few people realize that it takes a lot of qualified work to produce and maintain a professional karaoke system.

The Studio Evolution company has been producing professional karaoke systems for more than 15 years. We’ll be happy to share with you some information about the things that make our products cost as much as they do.

So what are the factors that impact on the cost of the Evolution karaoke systems?

#1 The Hardware

When creating a device, we devote attention to every single detail. We cooperate with trusted global component suppliers, search for the best opportunities to conclude crucial contracts, organize and monitor all the processes related to equipment delivery.

Иконка жесткого диска
Иконка видеокарты
Иконка системы охлаждения
Иконка звуковой карты

The owner of a system created by the Studio Evolution can rest assured that his/her karaoke system has the first-class “stuffing”. Hard drive, RAM, processor, video and audio cards — every single component is carefully selected by our Quality Control Department. In addition, the company designers do their best to make the Evolution karaoke systems look as good as they sound.

#2 The Software

Studio Evolution developers have many more pleasant surprises. Through innovation and experimentation we are able to meet the needs of karaoke fans, and create new opportunities for the whole industry!

Before the release of the Compact HD, no one thought that a karaoke system could completely replace an amateur recording studio. But was there a chance to predict before the EvoСlub was created that karaoke club visitors could choose and request their favorite songs using smartphones?

The staff of employees of the company works hard to develop new opportunities for the professional karaoke systems. As a result, no other competing system is capable to contain the same bunch of features as the most advanced Evolution systems do.

Операционная система Linux Evolution
Ищем и исправляем ошибки
Дизайн караоке системы

To create a karaoke system, we select the best components that are programmed and debugged to ensure the device’s proper functioning. The next stage is to develop a relevant software.

In 2012, our experts came out with a proprietary OS adapted for the Linux Evolutionkaraoke system. The operating system ensures maximum reliability of company products. Every new karaoke system developed by the Studio Evolution team can boast of unique software.

Our designers in turn create a user-friendly and nice-looking interface that can be adapted to virtually any display, be it PC or TV set. As for Quality Assurance specialists, they test every detail to make sure everything works fine.

The work of the Studio Evolution IT department does not end there. The team of geeks is always busy with the latest software updates. Respecting the wishes of our customers, we improve the Evolution series devices with every update.

#3 Wide range of high-quality karaoke songs

The base of tracks provided by the Studio Evolution is a real boon.

The most recent Evolution catalog is still a leader in the number of songs it contains. The reason is, every day we create arrangements for the latest hits. Our recording studios can boast of professional musicians who know a sure way to get karaoke fans excited. Live instruments in combination of backing vocals: our tracks will make you feel like a true artist.

Барабан и барабанные палочки
Используем живые инструменты
Клавиши пианино

Why do we record proprietary karaoke tracks?

Developing professional karaoke systems, we just can’t ignore the quality of our tracks — the main karaoke “material.” For our song bases, we use the original backing tracks provided by copyright holders, or create a proprietary phonogram on our own. It sometimes happens that our karaoke tracks sound even better that the original ones. In such cases, the artists prefer to use our phonograms for their performance. We are proud of that!

Apparently, recording first-class backing tracks is a very elaborate process. However, happy faces of our customers are worth it! Without such an effort, professional karaoke would never make it out of the midi era!

The pros of using the high-quality backing tracks and their creation could be the topic for a separate article. Pretty soon, we’ll provide you with more details on that part of our everyday routine.

#4 Royalties

Perhaps, only a few people really consider that every single karaoke track is a piece of intellectual property. In fact, Studio Evolution is the only company that pays royalties to owners of the songs contained it the karaoke system databases. Given the track number in the Studio Evolution catalog, the conclusion of contracts with copyright holders is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process.

Заключаем контракты с музыкальными лейблами
Платим авторские отчисления
Иконка копирайта

To find a copyright holder of a composition is quite the piece of work, to say the least. In addition, you need to have negotiating skills. Sometimes, in extreme cases, negotiations can last for years!

All year round, we work on obtaining rights to the songs we use. As a result, singers and songwriters of the popular hits get full reward for their effort, and the Studio Evolution karaoke catalog gets updated with trendy songs every month.

#5 We are always one step ahead

When you buy a karaoke system from the Studio Evolution, you make the best choice. Still, a modern karaoke system is not just a set of hi-tech toys, and we mean what we say!

EvoControl and EvoNet applications, users, for the first time, got an opportunity to search for tracks and control the karaoke system with a tablet or smartphone.

The EvoClub application series has changed the karaoke club service beyond recognition. Huge paper catalogs have become history. Club visitors are able to send song requests to a KJ in a click, save their favorite songs, etc.

Награда за достижения в караоке-индустрии
Управление караоке системой со смартфона
Надежный рост

Design and protection form separate items of our agenda. We do care about details. Every single wire is securely sealed in a separate package with a logo. A box with the karaoke system in turn looks as presentable as the device it holds. User-friendly guides in Russian make it easy even for an inexperienced user to configure and use his/her new karaoke system.

We create Studio Evolution karaoke systems to make the life of karaoke fans full of happiness and joy. Due to exceptional quality, multifunctional software and many other important factors, they are worth every last penny you pay for them.

We are sure that price is not the main thing you should consider when choosing a reliable device. They say, buy nice or buy twice. Hope, your new karaoke system will be a truly nice buy.


When you purchase an Evolution karaoke system, you get all the necessary information on its installation and configuring, a one-year warranty and professional technical support.


Let’s now summarise, the full price of the professional Evolution karaoke system includes:

  • hardware development, design, accessories, concluding agreements, delivery, assembly
  • software development: the work of project managers, developers, designers, testers
  • royalties
  • the work of musicians recording karaoke tracks
  • technical support


Choose modern and fully legal Evolution karaoke systems for your home and business!