set EvoSound lite2 SE 200D

Studio Evolution karaoke sets are the best solution for a home and leisure venue

The ready-made karaoke sets make the best choice for people who are about to get themselves a home karaoke machine or a PRO-class system. In combination with a high-quality audio system and microphones, Evolution karaoke systems can boast of the excellent track/voice sound. The releases of our proprietary EvoSound audio system and SE • 200D microphones provided the answer to the following question: what are the parts that make a perfect karaoke systems? Studio Evolution offers karaoke kits for home use, for karaoke clubs and VIP karaoke rooms.
The pros of Studio Evolution karaoke kits:
100% hardware compatibility
The EvoSound audio system and the SE microphone system • 200D are designed specifically for Evolution karaoke systems. They can be easily connected and configured. The brand kit includes only the “essentials:” controls, batteries, professional cables, and no extra wires. All components of the Studio Evolution kit guarantee excellent sound quality, stable functioning, and user-friendly navigation.
Save energy, time and money
When you buy our brand karaoke set, you get everything you need for unforgettable karaoke parties. You do not have to search specification info to figure out if all devices of your complex are compatible with each other. Also, you will have no reason order separate parts from various stores. All components of your new karaoke set are designed to play a live sound. Another important feature of Studio Evolution karaoke kits is, you get good quality at a fair price.
Караоке-комплект из Lite2 и EvoSound
Harmonized design
Karaoke equipment by Studio Evolution is designed in the harmonized style. As a result, your karaoke complex will always look cool and fit perfectly into any interior.
Full-featured equipment
Our brand audio system and microphones can be used not only for karaoke parties. With the EvoSound audio system, you can enjoy the excellent sound quality of your favorite music, movies, TV shows and games. The SE • 200D microphones in turn are perfect for karaoke, conferences, seminars, and concerts.
Караоке-комплект из Lite2 и микрофонов
Karaoke kits with the Evolution Lite22019 karaoke system are good for home installations, VIP karaoke rooms, educational institutions, companies, etc. A karaoke set with the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system is ideal for karaoke clubs, restaurants, cafes, karaoke bars and any other leisure venues.
Depending on the purpose of the karaoke system and the equipment you already have, you can choose a karaoke set that can best meet your needs:
1. Evolution Lite22019 + EvoSound audio system
2. Evolution Lite22019 Plus + EvoSound audio system
3. Evolution Lite22019 Premium + EvoSound audio system
4. Evolution Lite22019 + SE • 200D microphones
5. Evolution Lite22019 Plus + SE • 200D microphones
6. Evolution Lite22019 Premium + SE • 200D microphones
7. Evolution Lite22019 + EvoSound audio system + SE • 200D microphones
8. Evolution Lite22019 Plus + EvoSound audio system + SE • 200D microphones
9. Evolution Lite22019 Premium + EvoSound audio system + SE • 200D microphones
10. Evolution Pro2 + SE • 200D microphones
комплект—караоке Studio Evolution
Enjoy beautiful sound of modern karaoke with the Studio Evolution equipment!