digital wireless microphones

Digital microphones SE • 200D are the key to your karaoke party success

To get a full-on karaoke complex, it is not enough to buy a professional karaoke machine. To get a perfect sound, you should make some time and choose good microphones.
The Studio Evolution offers the SE • 200D wireless microphone system to karaoke fans. It is a real boon for any karaoke event, conference, seminar, and concert.
Nice clean sound
The wireless microphone system SE • 200D was created specially with karaoke parties in mind. Smooth microphone connection and digital sound transmission technology made it possible to eliminate all the cons many karaoke fans had previously encountered. The SE • 200D microphones come with no static and distortion, making your voice sound clear and natural. Thanks to the ultrashort delay of 3 ms, singing favorite songs with SE • 200D microphones turns into a true pleasure.
The best choice for the biggest karaoke parties
High-quality lithium-ion batteries allow the SE • 200D microphones to work for about 9 hours in a row. Discharged microphones can be quickly re-charged using micro-USB. With the dual USB cable, you can simultaneously re-charge both microphones directly from the receiver. The Studio Evolution’s wireless microphones work perfectly within 40 meters from the receiver, which allows you to move freely, and feel comfy during performance.
Дисплеи микрофонов SE 200D
User-friendly and stylish
The SE • 200D microphones: switch them on and shake it up!
To make the microphones convenient for karaoke enthusiasts, the receiver is equipped with color LCD-displays that show the level of audio signal, volume, channel, frequency and battery charge level. LCD displays on the microphones make it is possible to monitor the channel, frequency and battery charge level, too.
The Studio Evolution’s microphones have a stylish design and metal casing, which makes them feel right in your hand. Unlike most other microphone systems, the SE • 200D microphones are equipped with first-class parts including 2 high-Q balanced cables for connecting to a karaoke system, 2 lithium-ion batteries, a cable for charging microphones and 2 shockproof anti-rolls. As soon as the rubber anti-rolls differ in color, the microphones are easy to distinguish.
Комплектация микрофонной системы SE 200D
The best-quality microphones at a fair price
The SE Wireless Microphone System • 200D makes the best solution for your karaoke complex. Evolution karaoke systems that come complete with the SE • 200D microphones, and the EvoSound audio system, have everything a modern PRO-class karaoke complex should have.
You can customize the microphones and get the perfect sound with a parametric equalizer on the Evolution Lite2, a 3-band graphic equalizer on the Evolution Compact HD, as well as an equalizer and a virtual mixer on the Evolution Pro2. Adjust the volume on the microphones from anywhere: the karaoke system itself, the soundbar, the receiver of the microphone system!
Show the best performance with the SE • 200D microphones!