Buy Evolution Lite2 2019

The Evolution Lite22019 is the best choice for karaoke pros and enthusiasts

Studio Evolution has taken into account the wishes of karaoke fans and upgraded its miniature Evolution Lite2 machine to a karaoke system demonstrating the best sound quality and expanded functionality. With the upgraded Evolution Lite22019, every karaoke enthusiast can become a professional singer.

With the upgraded Evolution Lite22019 you enjoy an amazing sound

Based on a new sound card, we developed our in-house vocal processor, which processes the voice without delays and distortions.

In addition, the Evolution Lite22019 uses premium new-generation 24-bit ADC and a 32-bit DAC manufactured by Asahi Kasei Microdevises Corporation. As a result, the miniature Evolution Lite22019 delivers better audio quality.

The Evolution Lite22019 owners will be fond of:

— Perfect voice sounding

— Excellent and natural backing track sounding

Evolution Lite2 2019

The Evolution Lite22019 is powerful enough to make any performance brighter and more professional. From now on, you can get pro-class sound with 24-bit ADC and a full-on 4-band parametric equalizer.

New voice processing solutions in turn will make your performance more three-dimensional. With the Evolution Lite22019, you can customize numerous Delay/Reverb effects and save them as your custom presets. Yep, everyone can get a professional singer with Studio Evolution!

— New vocal effects

— Automatic Delay synchronization with a song tempo

— More accurate reverb

— Tap button for easy control of the Delay effect

— An opportunity to save playback settings for each of your favorite songs

The ideal karaoke system for every occasion

Due to its specific design and advanced functionality, the Evolution Lite22019 karaoke system is ideal for your home, leisure venue and even outdoor events. The point is, with the updated Evolution Lite22019, every karaoke fan sounds like a professional singer!

Feel and share the beauty of every single song!