Trade-In: a brand-new karaoke system in your home!

Our Trade-In program allows you to exchange your old device for an up-to-date karaoke system from the Studio Evolution without paying its full price. World’s leader in car and electronics manufacturing have already demonstrated the advantage of similar exchange programs to their customers.

We do understand how important it is for true home karaoke fans to get an opportunity to get the latest karaoke system in the most affordable way. After all, every single karaoke system provided by the Studio Evolution can boast of expanded functionality, advanced features, great design, user-friendly interface, and really huge song database. The Trade-In program makes it possible for you to exchange an outdated Studio Evolution device or any other karaoke machine for a new-generation karaoke system from the Studio Evolution.

Trade-In Pros

Save up to 60% of the price of a new device!
An updated song database that holds the most trendy hits from the latest Studio Evolution updates. Every member of your family will be enjoy singing favorite songs.
An improved interface and a large number of other useful features will make your home leisure even more interesting and enjoyable.
Your old karaoke system will find a new life and will enjoy those souls who lack bright emotions.

Top Professional Home Karaoke Systems:




Evolution Lite2

Evolution Lite2

The Evolution Lite2 is a professional karaoke machine for your home. It is compact enough to bring it to your friends’ home! That small device has enough surprises for you to enjoy every single feature a modern karaoke machine can boast of:


  • Improved sound quality
  • Easy to run with a remote control or tablet
  • Refined design
  • High-Q sound recording
  • Professional voice processing
  • A huge number of songs in Pro format
  • An opportunity to order package updates and additional packages online
  • Failproof Linux Evolution OS






Evolution Compact HD

Evolution Compact HD

The Evolution Compact HD is the world’s first professional High-End karaoke system. Its specifications and functionality greatly exceed the features offered by competitive home karaoke systems. What makes the Compact HD so special? Here’s the answer:


  • An opportunity to connect 4 microphones at a time (for big home parties)
  • Professional voice processing
  • Real-Time performance recording
  • Full HD karaoke support
  • You can run the karaoke system via remote control, iPad/Android tablets or iPhone/Android smartphones
  • Media center that allows you to watch movies and TV shows in the best quality
  • Smart song search
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular online updates
  • Linux Evolution OS


Trade-In Program Terms & Conditions


You can easily exchange an outdated karaoke player for a brand-new, modern karaoke system right away! To do that, you only need to:
  1. Apply for the Trade-In program
  2. Check the amount of extra pay and the exchange date with a Studio Evolution regional representative
  3. Pay
  4.  Mount your new karaoke system at home and enjoy singing songs you and your family love so much
Apply for Trade-In

Выгодно обменяйте свою старую караоке-систему на новую!

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