Trade In for karaoke

Trade-In: level up your karaoke club!

The Trade-In program offers you an opportunity to easily exchange an older version of karaoke system for the latest device provided by the Studio Evolution. Leading car and media manufacturers have already demonstrated the benefits of the exchange program for their customers.

With each new Evolution karaoke system, we offer an excellent combination of great functionality, optimal efficiency, user-friendly interface, eye-filling design and really large base of tracks. On the other hand, we do realize how important it is for a karaoke club owner to keep up with the latest trends and get a modern karaoke system for the leisure venue without making money fly. The Trade-In program established by Studio Evolution allows you to trade in any non-current system and obtain a new generation Evolution karaoke device.

Trade-In Pros


The program allows you to you save up to 60% on the purchase of a newer device!


The database of an Evolution karaoke system contains all the popular hits and trendy novelties from the latest Studio Evolution updates. As a result, you have every chance to blow your customers’ socks off offering them really huge set of high-quality karaoke tracks.


The latest Evolution products will do their part to level up your club: high-class sound, professional records, digital request system and other innovative features of the state-of-the-art karaoke systems will delight every karaoke fan.


Improved interface and numerous useful features will make the work of a KJ easy and joyful.


Your “old squad” karaoke device will get a chance to make a new start making the life of amateur singers full of joy and bright emotions.

The best professional karaoke systems to level up your club:



Evolution Pro2

Караоке-система Evolution Pro2

Evolution Pro2. The most advanced professional system in the industry. Impressive specifications and functionality allow Pro2 to give previously released Evolution Pro a head start. What makes this item so special?


  • Voice processing sound effects
  • The system features EvoClub: an innovative service for one-click song search/requesting
  • Quality performance recording
  • Easy-to-use background music player
  • Smart performance rating system
  • An opportunity to generate statistics on the performed songs and create a black list of songs/singers
  • Full HD karaoke support
  • Thousands of the official video clips
  • High-quality tone/tempo modulation
  • Other handy features to provide you and your customers with the best user experience




Evolution Lite2

Evolution Lite2

Evolution Lite2. A compact system designed specially for karaoke rooms. It makes an ideal option for customers who prefer to enjoy singing with their friends in a separate room. Karaoke system Lite2 is radically different from the previous release. It has a whole bunch of features to please your leisure venue visitors. The features include:


  • Fine space-saving design
  • Improved sound quality
  • High-quality modulation and voice processing sound effects
  • Easy control via remote or tablet
  • High-quality sound recording
  • A huge number of songs in Pro format
  • An option to request updates and additional service packages online
  • Sensible operating system



Trade-In program conditions


It’s extra easy to exchange an outdated karaoke player for a new, more advanced karaoke system! To do that you only need:
  1. Apply for the program
  2. Check the cost of the upgrade and exchange date with our representative in your region
  3. Pay for the upgrade
  4. Assemble your new professional karaoke system and run it to the delight of your customers.
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