The Club update package

The Club update package for karaoke business professionals

Karaoke club owners often state their customers want to sing the latest hits here and now, literally, following the release. We are always listening to our clients, and therefore created the Club update package. From now on, you don’t have to wait a whole month for the latest release. Enjoy singing new songs as soon as they leave our sound recording studios.

Brand-new Club package developed by the Studio Evolution contains the most recent and popular hits right for your leisure venue. The main feature of the new package is that songs can be downloaded several times a week.

The cost (price) of the Club update package is30000 russian rubles

Order update package
Ordering of the Update Package

On YouTube this morning, in your karaoke club tonight

  • a few times a week new hits get available for your karaoke system
  • easy and fast download of new songs from online updates
  • you can download 100 new songs per month
  • you can give the customers better track choice in comparison with your competitors
  • sensible update notification system for your KJ
  • the most advanced update package full of high-Q karaoke tracks
новый пакет «Клубный

To create the Club solution, we used our 1 Year update package. The new product will, no doubt, be a true discovery for venues trying their best to keep up with the times, and visitors who want to follow the latest trends, and sing the latest hits.

Every day the world of music makes us happy with new catchy songs that have “short lives:” just a month or two. With this in mind, one of the best you can do is to let your clients enjoy newly released hits here and now. As a reward, you can expect happy karaoke fans to visit your club again for more fun and joy.

A user-friendly service from the Studio Evolution

The Club update package is already available for the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system, the most demanded professional karaoke system in the industry. Just as before, you can purchase the Club package online in your personal account:

Notifications of new available releases will be displayed in the upper right corner of KJ’s device screen. So he/she will get an opportunity to access a track list of the latest update and add missing karaoke tracks and video clips to the general list.
Club visitors can use free EvoClub app to search for the most trendy karaoke hits in the New section. With the EvoClub service, your customers can turn their smartphones into a user-friendly and up-to-date online catalog to request songs. As for you, forget about dusty and cumbersome paper catalogs once and for all!

New update package at the old price

Новый пакет обновлений

The Club package contains 12 updates. Every update holds 100 new karaoke tracks for your leisure venue. Every day, our sound engineers check the latest trends and releases. Our musicians and arrangers create new professional tracks. As a result, your clients can sing the most popular hits the day after the official release.

You can purchase the Club package at the old price of the 1 Year package. Moreover, you can buy new 1 Year pack at a reduced price.

Try the Club package today!

If you purchased our 1 Year package before September 28, you will be automatically switched to the Club package. Until it expires, you will receive the most recent tracks a few times a week.

Thank you for choosing Evolution karaoke systems!

Order update package
Ordering of the Update Package