Выбираем караоке систему для клуба

How to choose a karaoke system for a club/bar/restaurant?

To choose a karaoke device that would fit nicely is quite a big job even for a small bar/cafe. As for lucky fellows who want to open specialized karaoke clubs or equip their leisure venues with A-class karaoke systems, the quest for the most suitable karaoke system is #1 task.

What karaoke system will make an ideal choice for your cubby, and what device specifications should you consider first of all?

#1 Song base

It goes without saying that every club/cafe visitor have a couple of favorite songs.
With this in mind, it would be very wise of you to answer the following questions:

  • What are the changes your new song catalogue will please every single customer of yours?
  • Is a song base of your new karaoke system protected by corresponding copyright laws?
Внешний вид караоке титров

We are sure that fully legal base of karaoke songs containing than 54 000 tracks can easily meet the requirements of any customer including the youngest or the most picky ones. A special bonus is, modern karaoke systems can boast of numerous popular hits.

For example, in addition to “common” MIDI songs, the Evolution Pro2 karaoke catalog holds more than 19 000 PRO tunes, converted from the original backing tracks. They have live sound and backing vocals. Moreover, the Evolution Pro2 catalog offers more than 12 000 official video clips to your customers. Sure thing, is a great surprise for true karaoke fans.

It’s worth noting that Studio Evolution karaoke systems provide a wide range of songs including chart-topping hits and region-specific songs: Kazakh, Tatar, Moldavian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Hebrew, Korean, etc.

#2 Usability and Functionality

Despite the impressive range of opportunities modern karaoke systems provide to their owners, they need to be user-friendly and easy to use. That is why the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system has an intuitive interface, as well as a whole bunch of the EvoClub mobile apps: EvoClub Admin, EvoClub Guest and EvoClub User.

Логотип Evoclub Admin
Логотип Evoclub Guest
Логотип Evoclub User

For 4 years, the EvoClub service has transformed karaoke industry beyond recognition: huge paper catalogs got lost and gone, karaoke fans can find and request their favorite tracks on their own with a single app click. KJs in turn can focus on n their job: sound/voice management.

Karaoke club owners choosing the Evolution system get personal accounts that allow to manage system updates and track the latest software releases.

Advanced system management functions offer a wide range of options: you can view song/request statistics, update software/song base in real time, and create user accounts for the club’s staff. Evolution Pro2 media players featuring equalizer and mixing consoles are a big help for your KJ trying to throw the end-of-rigging karaoke party.

#3 Features any karaoke fun will like

Your customers know that karaoke song is not just a combination of a music record and lyrics. Professional tempo and tone changes, lots of voice processing methods, track recording, and a “smart” rating system — every single “trifle” can affect the mood of club visitors.

Just for instance, the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system features 3 types of Delay and 3 types of Reverb. Also, it can connect every single microphone to a compressor. For automatic performance rating, the Pro2 relies on the modern SmartScoring mechanism: a karaoke system rates the level of performance using both the rhythm and “matching the notes”.

With the “smart” rating system, your club/bar will turn into a nice comfy spot, well enough for karaoke competitions and championships.

In addition, karaoke fans will definitely appreciate an opportunity to get records of songs they performed. To make a record, it’s enough for a KJ to press a button. Next, the record will be saved to a flash drive to the joy of a karaoke enthusiast.

#4 Unique opportunities for your club/bar/restaurant

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Even the tiniest details are important when it comes to a successful karaoke business. With this in mind, as providers of Evolution karaoke systems, we pay great attention to introducing useful options for karaoke industry.

A unique “Black List” function developed specially for the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system, allows administrators to weed out inappropriate tracks and make the song base free of musical junk.

The option to display the logo of your restaurant in the upper left corners of guest monitors can add a pinch of individuality to your karaoke club. In addition, the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system can play a light background music to cheer up those of your clients who can get embarrassed by the “silent spots” between tracks.

Choosing a professional karaoke system is a serious step for a leisure venue owner. The point is, a system he/she picks is intended to build an atmosphere of comfort inside a club/bar and affect the customers’ mood.

These days, the owners of karaoke clubs choose modern karaoke devices capable to meet the requirements of the most picky customers and turn a karaoke party into the most exciting new-age entertainment. The EvoClub unit, a part of the Evolution Pro2 karaoke system, offers the high-class tracks and lets many club visitors sing their favorite songs, and show the best of their performance.

Most likely, a satisfied customer will return to you comfy spot again and again to relax and sing a couple of favorite songs — those very special songs that make the world a bit brighter.

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