Преимущества приложения EvoClub для владельца караоке-клуба

Why using the EvoClub is so important for KJs worth their salt?


Interactive EvoClub system improves communication between club visitors


With the EvoClub App Series request processing is easier than ever

Innovative solutions for the finest pro karaoke system

Знак вопроса

How much time and effort do you put into searching right records, let alone processing customer requests in your karaoke club?

Isn’t it much more efficient to leave all the hard work to the latest technologies that make your responsibilities easy and pleasant?

As a unit integrated into the Evolution Pro2 system jointly with other apps for KJs and club visitors, the EvoClub can save you a lot of time and trouble, and provide the best user experience.

Логотип Evoclub Admin
Логотип Evoclub Guest
Логотип Evoclub User

Let visitors to enable the EvoСlub app on the club’s karaoke system and enjoy the innovative service provided by Studio Evolution. Overemotional stuff between some customers caused by their vigorous attempts to request favorite songs will no longer be a problem for you and other karaoke fans. As for genuine karaoke enthusiasts, they will thank you for a magic night to remember!

Feel free to process customer requests with professional apps

The EvoClub Guest and the EvoClub User apps allow your customers to find and order tracks their like. Both the system’s navigation screen and the EvoClub Admin app for iPad* allow you to view ready-to-process requests. Forget the days when you had to write every single song request down in a paper notebook. There’s no more need to listen patiently to excited people and search a physical catalogue for requested tracks. Those days are over; the EvoClub will do all the hard work for you!

*requires verification

All confirmed requests are added to your list automatically

EvoClub series

Visitors’ song requests made with the EvoClub Series apps are processed in a jiffy. You can accept or decline a request. If accepted, the song will be added to a playlist. As for a customer who made the request, he/she will get a relevant in-app notification. You are free to shuffle tracks in the list using a corresponding tab on the system screen.

All customer requests are pre-customized

Order a song in the Evoclub User
Settings in the Evoclub User

Club visitors have two karaoke formats to choose from: Lite and Pro (CDG). Also, they can customize setting in order to get the best song tone and playback speed. The request list is pre-customized with all settings displayed next to the song titled.

No more mess in your playlist!

The fact that apps used by karaoke club visitors are assigned to their table numbers makes it impossible to mix up requests. A table number is displayed next to a song title in the list. And not only that! Any customer can view the request list in the EvoClub app to find a number of the requested song.

Chat with karaoke club visitors

Общайтесь с гостями в караоке

There’s no more need for you to listen carefully to hear song titles coming from the lips of excited karaoke enthusiasts.

Функция чата в приложении EvoClub

A chat room service provided by the EvoClub Guest apps allows club visitors to send instant messages to their KJ. If you are the KJ, feel free to respond to those messages and encourage karaoke fans for great song interpretations without even leaving your comfy chair. In addition, you can use the chat room to offer advice on making the best track choice.

The EvoClub system allows KJs enjoy their job for real!

Prompt request processing, computerized track listing and sending instant chat messages to karaoke club visitors — the EvoClub App Series is a real boon for a KJ.

There’s one more reason for you to choose the EvoClub: every karaoke system kit includes a revolutionary communicator to chat with your customers.

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